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By participating herein you give your voice to the global peace agreement.

We believe that all humans share the desire to live in peace and prospect
We hope that peoples of all countries and nations will take part in this project and will unite to implement it in practice:

We, the peoples of the world which we share, agree on following decisions:

1 § All wars and comparable measures, such as sanctions
and blockades, must cease immediately;
2 § All disagreements must be resolved by negotiations;
3 § Members of every nation shall elect a council
consisting of five representatives who will conduct
negotiations in the event of a conflict situation.

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Negotiations may take place largely in a virtual space,
hence no financial resources need to be consumed.
When a conflict situation arises the conflicting parties
shall submit the report about the disagreement to the jury
of nations not partaking in the conflict.
The members of the jury shall deliberate the case and
each nation's council shall issue its own proposal for the
The conflicted parties shall then choose their preferred
proposals, and negotiate with each others based on
them. If parties are unable to reach the agreement, the
jury of nations shall reach the final decision on the matter
by voting;
The decision making procedure shall be as follows:
members of each nation's council shall vote on which
one of the plaintiff countries' selected proposals they
consider to be best, and based on that decision the
council shall vote in a global jury voting.
4 § International trade of all weapons except hunting and
service weapons shall be banned immediately.
Nuclear armament programs and production of
other similar weapons of mass destruction, as well as
production of any other kind of combat weapons and
machinery shall be discontinued without delay.
Existing weapons of war shall be disposed
in a way that respects the nature and its resources.
5 § Nuclear power plants shall no longer be built, and the
existing ones shall be terminated and disassembled
§ 6 Death sentence shall be abolished in all legal systems;
all crimes of torture shall be prevented and severe
consequences shall be prescribed for those who commit
them; all prisoners of war and the persons incarcerated
for the objection of conscience must be released;
§ 7 Laws of all nations and penalties codes prescribed by
them, shall be in a compliance with the United Nations
Human Rights principles;
§ 8 All available resources shall be directed towards putting
the end to famine and poverty, towards prevention and
eradication of the diseases, towards general well-being
of all the humanity and towards promoting of the equality.

Nation = country and its citizens.

Every person, every citizen of every country, is important
to all of us - a unique and valuable individual.

Every human life must be protected. We need each others!

Every individual shall have a right to the equal share of
natural resources.

To live we need clean water and nourishment.

We must use all our powers to protect the nature from

No more unnecessary death, pain and suffering!
Peace is the absence of war, violence and oppression.
Peace can only be achieved if it's achieved for everyone.


"Every year, nearly three million children die during the first month after birth, most of them from preventable causes. More than one third of these children will die on the first day of life." - The International Save the Children organization

"Particulate contaminants-related deaths increased in 15 of the London district in 2011. Although diesel fuel is considered environmentally friendly, because it burns more efficiently and carbon dioxide emissions are smaller, diesel vehicles contribute 91% of the particulate contaminants." - English Institute of Public Health

"Lack of clarity about who owns farmland, obstructs agricultural production and poverty. Half of the world's arable, but still unused land - over 200 million hectares - is in Africa, where agricultural productivity is said to be about a quarter of what it could be." - World Bank

"Women do most of the world's work but earn only 10% of total revenues." - UN

"Human rights are rights that belong equally and without exception, to every member of the human race.
Human rights are based on the idea of a human as a moral being and on the recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family. The three most important characteristics of the Human Rights is that they are universal, inalienable and fundamental." - UN

"The war in Iraq cost the United States more than 3 000 000 000 000 dollars"

"Those who die in a holy war reach the paradise according to Qur'an."
- It's a wrong thought. Religions do not justify killing.

"After the Second World War, the total number of the victims in wars is estimated to have been approximately 62 million people. Of those about 37 million were civilians and soldiers about 25 million."

"What if all the world's nations were allied with each other?"

"Every year, nearly 10 million people die of hunger and malnutrition."

Earth is our common home.
Let us do it together a better place to live.

"The individual in society,
and society is the individual's behalf"

The Petition For World Peace, Worldwide event

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